Environmental Monitoring

At VMS, we are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced environmental monitoring solutions available. Specialising in real-time vibration, noise, and air quality monitoring, our systems are designed to offer seamless, accurate, and actionable data. Our collaborative partnerships with industry pioneers ensure that you benefit from the cutting-edge technology we incorporate into our systems.

Vibration Monitoring

In a strategic collaboration between VMS Australia and dBAnalytics, we bring you the TiL Vibration Monitoring System. A leader in the field of acoustics, noise, and vibration, VMS Australia partners with dBAnalytics to set new benchmarks in real-time environmental monitoring.

The TiL system is equipped with a triaxial accelerometer and employs advanced recording parameters to deliver unparalleled vibration monitoring capabilities. Customised to meet the unique requirements of each project, this state-of-the-art system reflects our mutual commitment to technological innovation and environmental sustainability. It serves as a hallmark of quality and precision in the Australian market.

Noise Monitoring

Our noise monitoring services also stem from our ongoing collaboration with dBAnalytics. In addition, we offer technology from renowned industry leaders like Brüel & Kjær and Svantek. Each system is tailored to provide precise and actionable noise data, allowing you to make informed decisions for your project.

Bruel & Kjaer 2250 Environmental Monitoring System

Air Quality Monitoring

Our air quality monitoring solutions are developed in partnership with dBAnalytics and feature technology from TSI. These state-of-the-art monitors provide real-time data on key air quality metrics, equipping you with the information you need to meet environmental standards and optimise the health and safety of your project site.

Air Quality Monitoring at Western Sydney Airport

Real-Time Web Portal

Our user-friendly web portal is your gateway to real-time environmental data. Log in from anywhere to view, manage, and gain insights from your vibration, noise, and air quality measurements. The intuitive interface translates complex data into actionable insights. With features like SMS and email alerts, you are always in the loop about significant events.

Relevant Standards and Guidelines

Through our collaboration with dBAnalytics, our Environmental Monitoring Systems are engineered from the ground up to conduct measurements and evaluations, specifically aligning with the requirements of the following standards and guidelines:

Noise and Vibration
Air Quality